Theory of Change

Our theory of Change is guided by four Pillars:

  1. Women Economic Inclusion in Agribusiness: This includes data base and profiling, targeted
    advocacy, lobbying on policy affecting agri-business, blended finance, training on financial
    management, mentoring and coaching and creating strong linkages with financial investment
    institutions and companies that have innovative approach to financing for SMEs.
  2. Market Linkages: We focus on information sharing on existing and new markets, organise B2B
    and Trade fairs, buyers and sellers markets, online market forums, cross exposure and
    establishing alliances with private agri-business companies
  3. Technology and Agrit-tech: We are in the process of establishing AWAN members portal – a
    repository for information about mechanization, soil testing, tools for quality control, providing
    access to E-Commerce etc.
  4. Trade: We focus on facilitating trade at national, regional and international level. Women
    entrepreneurs are supported on standards and certifications, INCO Terms, branding and
    marketing, logistics and supply chains.