The Women in Agribusiness Mentorship Training Programme (2013-2017) with support from Trade Chamber Sweden. The programme has achieved the following achievements:

  1. 230 women entrepreneurs mentored to grow their businesses
  2. 5 women entrepreneurs have accessed sustainable export markets
  3. 3.5 new jobs have been created per mentored entrepreneur
  4. 150 new business opportunities for women at the bottom of the pyramid created
  5. 75% of the mentees reported increased revenue
  6. 40% of the mentees reported access to new lines of financing.
    Agri-Insurance Training for Women Entrepreneurs with support from UAP Uganda. 56 women entrepreneurs were training in utilizing insurance in carrying out agribusinesses.

The Green Technology Training with the theme “Turning Green Business into Profit” with support from Trade Chamber Sweden. 56 women entrepreneurs were trained and supported to establish green

Training women entrepreneurs in Export business readiness: 200 women were trained in export business, 5 are exporting.

Trade mission to Sweden and Norway with support from Trade Chamber Sweden and Virke: 7 women from the region visited the two countries and meet buyers of fruits and vegetables.